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Brian Kendrick
President and CEO, Director

Mr. Kendrick has over 30 years of aviation experience with the most recent 20 years concentrating on operating aircraft on charter certificates. During his tenure in the industry, he operated charter fleets in excess of 25 aircraft and has sold in excess of 600 aircraft. Mr. Kendrick was one of the first west coast operators to obtain a Platinum rating with ARG/US.

Frank Dohn
Executive VP 

Mr. Dohn is a Chartered Financial Analyst with 40 years of investment experience, including experience as a research analyst covering the financial sector. He has worked for various Wall Street institutions, including Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, Bank of America, and Wilmington Trust. Mr. Dohn has managed portfolios of high-net-worth individuals, including several entities with assets over $300 million.

Shane Huiberts, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Huiberts has over 7 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant for top global and national CPA firms as an external auditor for publicly traded and privately held companies. He has worked with CPA firms such as KPMG and Moss Adams.